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Please call me to discuss your needs and to determine if my approach is the right fit for you.


Also available to provide online video counselling during the public health crisis

Individual Counselling for Adults Struggling with Major Life Challenges, and Families with Children Requiring Support and Intervention

Loving presence and the healing relationship are central to my approach to counselling. I have always cultivated a deep sensitivity and attunement to others. This empathy and responsiveness creates a sense of safety and connection which provides the basis for working in a powerful and effective way. 

Counselling tends to fall into two major categories, depending on whether the client simply wants support through difficult life circumstances, or is willing to undergo a deeper transformation that involves developing higher and better ways of being in life. For most people counselling involves both elements of support and change. 

I am skilled in using a variety of counselling approaches to facilitate the deeper transformation that is often required to navigate the more challenging aspects of life.  Having an extensive background in both counselling and meditation, I specialize in using mindfulness based approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and  The Realization Process. These approaches help clients to become more grounded in the body, to process painful emotional experiences, and to detangle from difficult thoughts. I teach clients the skills to deal more effectively with painful thoughts and feelings so that they have much less impact and influence over behavior. The goal is to bring behavior increasingly under the influence of personally chosen values and guiding principles, instead of a reaction to past and present circumstances.

All personal growth involves a dance between unconditional self-acceptance of one's present stage of growth, and opening oneself to evolve and unfold more of one's hidden potential. I work collaboratively with clients to support this full self-acceptance while also coaching them to grow into ever greater wholeness and authenticity.

I hold a vision of health and life long personal growth for clients. I have faith in the client's ability to meet the challenges of his/ her life, and to learn and grow and manifest more of his/her hidden potential. The holistic model of the well integrated fully functioning human being informs my practice, and it is an honour for me to be invited to share that intimate personal journey with others.

I have a background in developmental psychology and elementary education, and have a high degree of comfort working with children and parents who require support and guidance with the common issues of childhood.

Grief and Loss, Illness, Death and Dying

Stress Management

Childhood Trauma

Identity and Self-Esteem

Parents and Children


With over 30 years experience in the counselling field, I use a wide variety of strategies to help clients respond to their past and present life circumstances with greater grace and ease. My goal is to teach clients how to suffer less and to enjoy life more - in the face of any life stressor or circumstance.

I am able to offer online video counselling via a secure encrypted platform called Zoom for healthcare for clients who are unable to come into the office.

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